Ikaria is not an island famous for the quantity and quality of its beaches, but that is not to say that there are not beautiful beaches to be found on the island. The majority of the coastline on the south of the island is made up of craggy cliffs, with the coastline of the north of the island a little less rugged. Below are listed the main beaches of Ikaria.


Livadhi beach - armenistis, Ikaria

The major (relatively speaking) beach resort on Ikaria is Armenistis on the North West coast. Here lie two very large and sandy beaches РLivadhi a few minutes to the East of the centre of Armenistis, and Mesakhti which lies another ten minutes walk around the coast. Thanks to the consistently strong winds, these beaches are frequented by surfers, but they are also good for swimming and paddling Рparticularly when the wind dies down.


Nas beach - ikaria, greece

Around 5km to the west of Armenistis is Nas with a small sand and pebble beach in a very sheltered cove. Within very close proximity to the beach are streams, waterfalls, and a dense forest. On the cliff overlooking the beach are some excellent tavernas with full panoramic views of the sea (pictured above) and amazing sunsets.


Faris Beach Ikaria

The best beach on the south coast of Ikaria is to be found at Faros (pictured above) which is 10km along the excellent road to Ikaria Airport to the north east of Agios Kirikos. The beach is sandy-pebble and runs for a few kilometers around the coast. Faros beach is served by a couple of excellent fish tavernas.

Other Beaches on Ikaria

Seychelles Cove beach, Ikaria

Other beaches worth mentioning are those at Kampos just to the west of Evdilos; Giorgis, Agios, and Iero around the coast from Faros; and the stunning Seychelles cove (pictured above) located 25km to the west of Agios Kirikos on the south coast of Ikaria.