Evdilos is home to the second port on the island of Ikaria. It’s name means visible and freely rendered open horizon which is an apt description as the harbour around which the village has grown forms a natural amphitheatre with excellent views out to sea.

Evdilos Ikaria

The village is very picturesque with an abundance of traditional buildings and floral gardens. While only a small village, it offers good facilities for tourists with its range of accommodation, cafes, and excellent fish taverns serving up fresh locally caught fish. There are also banks, a health centre, supermarkets, a pharmacy, bakers, and so on, making this a handy base for exploring the island.

Traditional old buildings in Evdilos, Ikaria

The majority of the tourists in the summer are Greeks from the mainland, so Evdilos has managed to retain its greek identity and is a wonderful place to enjoy a stroll.

The permanent population of Evdilos and the surrounding municipality is just under 3,000 inhabitants.

The port receives ferries from local islands Samos and Fourni as well as from Piraeus, Athens via other islands.

Evdilos Kyparissi Beach

Kyparissi Beach - Evdilos, Ikaria

There is a very nice beach just to the East of Evdilos – Kyparissi Beach, which is typically only frequented by locals and remains very quiet. It is a sandy beach with relatively calm water compared to other beaches on the north of the island. Looking at the picture above, Evdilos and its ferry pier are clearly visible in the near distance (top right).