Gialiskari is a fishing village of around 150 inhabitants located just to the the east of Armenistis, on the road which connects Armenistis to Evdilos across the north of the island of Ikaria.

Messakti Beach - Gialiskari, Ikaria

Gialiskari is the location (200m walk) of the beautiful golden sandy Messakti Beach which is itself just another few hundred metres walk from from Livadi Beach in Armenistis).

Gialiskari church viewed from messakti beach, Ikaria

From Messakti Beach the chapel of Gialiskari is visible located on an offshore peninsular at the end of Gialiskari harbour which is the home to many small fishing boats, sailing boats, and fresh fish taverns.

Gialiskari village over messakti beach, Ikaria

Gialiskari has basic tourist facilities including cafes, mini markets, shops, and different accommodation options. It is surrounded by some of the oldest pine forests on the island, and many streams and rivers run through the area making it an excellent place for walking or hiking.