Kampos  is a village of just 100 inhabitants located a few kilometers west around the coast from Evdilos. Kampos is the site of the ancient wealthy and important city of Oinoe, and was once the capital of the whole island of Ikaria.

Byzantine Odeon at Kampos, Ikaria

Kampos is home to an important archaeological museum located on the archaeological site of Campos. It contains hundreds of artifacts excavated from Ikaria including coins, statues, tools, ceramics, gems, clay vessels, headstones, and neolithic tools. It is typically open three days per week from 10am – 3pm.

Agia Irini - Saint Irene church Ikaria

The Kampos Archaeological Museum is situated in a courtyard next to the Church of St Irene (agia irini) which was built on the site of an ancient temple to Dionysius. It is the oldest church in Ikaria, built in the 12th century over the 5th century ruins of a basilica, the original columns of which are still standing today around the church (and in the foreground of the photo above).

The ruins of a Byzantine Odeon (small theatre) built in the first century AD can be visited in Kampos, and are pictured above.

Kampos is also blessed with one of the best long sandy beaches on the island, with easy access, a snack bar, and a restaurant with bar just above the beach which is popular in the evenings.

Kampos Beach Ikaria