Ikaria is well known around the world for its radioactive hot mineral springs and the village of Therma near to Agios Kyrikos is the centre of its hydrotherapy facilities.

therma hot springs and radioactive springs

The salty spring waters of Therma have been exploited for the last 2,500 years with Roman baths, and continue to this day with springs of different temperatures (33-55 degrees Celcius) and radioactivity levels used for different types and degrees of treatment – primarily for rheumatism and arthritis relief; but also to treat skin disorders, respiratory diseases, and chronic allergies.

Hot mineral baths - Therma, Ikaria

As well as the benefit of sitting in a warm mineral bath, it is believed by some that the low levels of radon in the Therma springs when inhaled offer medical benefits. 80% of the inhaled radon is expelled from the lungs within one hour, and the rest within a day. However there are also non-radioactive sulphur baths available better suited to tourists wanting to experience warm mineral waters but do not want to be radiated.

Therma village is worth an explore and there is also a nice little beach in Therma.