Agios Kyrikos

Agios Kyrikos (also spelt Kirikos) is the capital of the island of Ikaria. It is located on the south eastern side of Ikaria and has been built up and around the gulf of the natural harbour which is now the biggest port on the island. The permanent population of Agios Kyrikos and its surroundings is around 2,000 inhabitants with the majority employed in the fishing business or tourism.

Agios Kyrikos Kirikos Ikaria

The village is very picturesque with narrow streets, cobblestone paths, steep steps, and old mariners’ houses with floral gardens. As the capital of Ikaria all public services can be found here as well as excellent connections to the rest of the island, and to other islands.

Agios Kyrikos Town Square

The town square of Agios Kyrikos is located on the road running around the harbour and is busy with shops, bars, and cafes, and shaded by trees. The rest of the facilities and entertainments are located on narrow streets spurring from the town square making it a lovely place to explore day or night. A wander up the hills behind Agios Kyrikos is rewarded with stunning views of the sea and of the Fourni archipelago.

Fourni seen from Ikaria