Language School

As an island with few tourists, Ikaria is a great place to learn Greek. Many of the locals speak no English (or other languages) and so you will have plenty of practice speaking Greek.

The Ikarian Center

The Ikarian Centre located near to the remote village of Arethousa (inland a few kilometers South East of Evdilos) offer a range of courses in Ikaria from mid May through to mid October as well as a 7 day New Year course.

Ikarian Centre - greek language courses

Courses run from Monday until Saturday with no lessons no Wednesday (or Sunday). Lessons on Monday and Tuesday are in the afternoon – a mixture of workshops, listening exercises, and Greek language lessons. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings there are Greek language lessons finishing at 2pm, or midday on the Saturday.

In the evenings of Thursday and Friday acivities are provided of cooking, singing, lectures, excursions, open-air film screenings, and conversation classes; and if you are on a course of more than one week, they offer hiking / excursions on the Sunday.

Ikaria excursion with ikarian centre

Accommodation is not included in the price of the courses, but there is a hostel at the language centre with 4-6 bunk beds in mixed dorimitories for 12 Euro per night, or private twin bedrooms are available for 35 Euro per night per room.

More Information

Click here to visit the website of the Ikarian Centre.